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"I'm a very optimistic person. When you're optimistic, the good opportunities, good fortune, good everything will come with it." - Jae Seo Chuck 'n' Duck: the New York Mets from an Eternal Optimist's P.O.V.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I'm not even going to pretend I'm watching these games anymore. I caught about seven minutes of last night's game, and I've seen about an hour and a half of the games that have been played over the past week due to an upcoming job switch that I'm not able to talk about and some minor traveling.

Chuck 'n' Duck will be going on hiatus within the next few days -- I'll let you know when -- due to the aforementioned job switch, but I'll be returning to (hopefully) daily updates around the end of September when the Mets have far few chances to break my heart and then attempt to bore me to death.

Anyway, I turn 21 in the next few weeks, along with two of my best friends. One of them has two tattoos, the other has one, and I'm currently inkless. For the big two-one we've decided (actually, it's more been decided for me) that we're all going and getting one on the same night, for solidarity and the like. Originally, I had planned to just get the interlocking NY Mets logo, but right now I'm not feeling like having that permanently attached to my shoulder blade. I need the rush of a playoff drive to put me into the chair. Instead, I'm leaning towards this:

title or description

Yay or nay?