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"I'm a very optimistic person. When you're optimistic, the good opportunities, good fortune, good everything will come with it." - Jae Seo Chuck 'n' Duck: the New York Mets from an Eternal Optimist's P.O.V.

Friday, October 14, 2005


So, the playoffs are upon us. The ALCS and the NLCS, both split at 1-1, with some fun teams to watch and some good baseball to be played. But there's a decidedly Mets-less feel. Jason Isringhausen, Timo Perez, Dan Wheeler and Paul Byrd are the only past Mets on all four, strangely enough with each one on a different team. But none of those can qualify as past Met stars, and only one of them was a guy I've ever rooted for (c'mon, who didn't love Timo during 2000? At least until the World Series started.)

So, where does my allegiance lie?

With the Chiba Lottle Marines, of course!

One win away from the Japan Series, the team managed by Bobby Valentine along with hitting coach Tom Robson (remember him?!) and a team including Benny Agbayani, Matt Franco, Satorou Komiyama (no kidding!) and former Mets minor leaguer Dan Serafini. Now that, my friends, is a team I can get behind.

Of course, I can't read Japanese, so I've got absolutely no idea what is going on. But I do know that Matt Franco won the game with a bases-loaded double that scored two runs, and that Benny Agbyani plated him with a groundout. It's like 1999-2000 all over again! If the Marines win their next game, they go on to the Japan Series to face the dreaded Hanshin Tigers, managed by... Alex Ochoa!

All right, not really, I can't back that one up.

Still, if you've got the time, visit the website: On it you'll find all sorts of stuff, like a video of Bobby Valentine yelling something in Japaense, and then dancing and bowing with giant birds while an entire stadium chants "Bobby! Bobby!"

Seriously. I can back that one up.

So, go, enjoy yourselves! See what you can find while hunting through a foreign language, and if it isn't a foreign language to you, tell me what it says, because I've been trying to Alta Vista this all night, and although Bobby Valentine was always an educated and insightful guy, something tells me "The thinking which the soldier bets to decisive battle in play off eve intense white is done" aren't his exact words.

Oh, and go Marines in 2005!