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"I'm a very optimistic person. When you're optimistic, the good opportunities, good fortune, good everything will come with it." - Jae Seo Chuck 'n' Duck: the New York Mets from an Eternal Optimist's P.O.V.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Now THAT'S What I Call Football

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That about sums up my feelings, Mr. Strahan. Thank you.

With the death of Wellington Mara, there were either two ways this season was going to continue on: the Giants would harness these emotions, take the loss of a beloved owner and friend, and turn themselves into a dedicated football playing machine. Or, they'd completely fall apart.

Fearing the latter -- especially against the Washington Redskins, the hated team of my childhood -- I approached the game with a certain trepidation. It just seemed a little too Disney to have the Giants crush the Redskins at home, on Well Mora Memorial Day, in front of his entire family. It just wasn't that likely of a scenario. It was even less likely to have them do it by Running 'n' Defense: the two principles Mora founded many a Giant team on.

And yet, here I am, after a Redskins drubbing at the hands of the Giants to the tune of 36-0, about as Disney as you can get. And I have no desire to see it end. They can keep up this Run of Good Feelings all the way to the Super Bowl, for all I care. And, really, it's entirely possible: the next three games (@ SF, Minnesota, Philadelphia) are all looking pretty winnable in the here and now. The Giants could conceivably be 8-2 when they get to Seattle to face the Seahawks.

All I know is that I haven't felt this good about a Giants team since 2000 -- as those Mets/Giants coincidences continue -- and it's been a long time since I've seen guys like Tiki and Strahan feel this good, as well. I mean, Eli was extremely shaky today and the team still managed 36 points. Imagine what he'll do when he starts getting on his game on a consistent basis. Wow.

Look, obviously, things can still fall apart -- and, trust me, fall apart they have -- but right now, the Giants seem to be a team built to win. They've got just the right mix of everything with the exception of a secondary, though they did hold Santana Moss to four receptions for thirty plus yards yesterday. So, for right now, the Giants seem to be running on all cylinders.

All the way to Detroit?

Hey, it could happen.